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We a dedicated team who love helping buyers find and buy the right business for them.

Our team has many years experience analysing and buying businesses in a wide rage of industry’s and sectors.


Our goal is simple: to help you find your ideal business and buy it on the best terms possible.

Merchant Buyers Agency works exclusively for buyers who are looking to buy a business or expand through acquisition. We help you to identify the characteristics of your ideal business and find it for you sooner.


We use a range of tools and strategies to held get you the best result.

Such as:

Comprehensive online tools to systematically conduct a detailed search of online listings.

Leveraging our network of trusted business brokers, accountants and legal professionals to find businesses not listed online.

Confidentially contacting owners of suitable businesses directly. Did you know that around 50% of business owners surveyed were willing to sell to a competitor or independent business if approached to do so?